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Macon, Georgia

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A loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) Moon Tree was planted at the Georgia Forestry Center in Macon, Georgia on Monday, March 22, 1976. Ray Shirley, director of the Georgia Forestry Commission, Mrs. Carolyn Crayton of Kinder-Care Kindergarten, Don Johnson, chairman of the Macon Beautification Committee, forester John Clarke, and a group of schoolchildren took part in the planting ceremony.

The tree is healthy and doing well. The picture at left shows the tree in 2024. Standing next to the tree is Ben Bradshaw, one of the schoolchildren who helped plant the tree. He is shown kneeling next to the seedling in the picture at right.

The clipping is from the September, 1976 issue of "Georgia Forestry", a quarterly publication of the Georgia Forestry Commission.

The loblolly pines were grown from seeds collected in Livingston Parish, Lousiana, and New Kent County, Virginia. Because the seeds were mixed up in the decontamination procedure it is not known which batch this particular tree is from.

Image courtesy Melanie J. Ford
News clipping courtesy Georgia Forestry Commission
Information courtesy Melanie J. Ford and Janice Ross
Special thanks to Ben Bradshaw for revisiting his tree!

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