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According to the article above left, from the November 16, 1975 Omaha World Herald, a Moon Tree seedling was planned to be planted at the National Arbor Day Center in Nebraska City, Nebraska in April 1976 as part of the Arbor Day celebration. (Arbor Day was started in 1872 by Nebraska City resident J. Sterling Morton.) The article talks of hopes that the 1976 Arbor Day celebrations would "include the planting of a seedling which astronauts took to the moon and back." but there is no further information on whether the planting took place, nor what type of seedling was to be planted.

The article on the right is from the April 13, 1976 Omaha World Herald. It talks about Arbor Day ceremonies on April 24 that include astronaut Ron Evans (Apollo 17) accepting an award on behalf of NASA for the Moon Tree program. This would suggest that there was a tree planting planned for that day. Again there is no further news on the planting.

Articles courtesy the Omaha World Herald and Fred Kelso.

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