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Santa Fe, New Mexico

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A Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) Moon Tree was planted on the state capitol grounds in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on July 22, 1976. The roughly two foot tall seedling was planted in a ceremony (above)featuring New Mexico Governor Jerry Apodaca, his wife Clara Apodaca, Land Commissioner Phil R. Lucero, and State Forester Raymond Gallegos. A bronze plaque was installed identifying it as the Bicentennial Moon Tree.

The plaque has since disappeared, and the exact location of the Moon Tree was thought to be lost, but in August of 2019, the former New Mexico "first lady", Clara Apodaca revisited the site with state officials and a naturalist to find the tree. The tree she identified was in what was described as "a grassy area north of the state capitol", surrounded by other trees and shrubs. It was about 50 - 60 feet tall, and the naturalist confirmed it looked to be about the right age. Apodaca expressed her hope that there would be a rededication ceremony and a new plaque.

The pictures of the tree above were taken in January 2023. The tall tree in the center of the picture on the left is believed to be the Moon Tree.

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New Mexico apparently received five Moon Trees in 1976, two Douglas firs and three sycamores. A 28-inch Douglas fir seedling was planted April 7 in the Civic Plaza in Albuquerque. The other Douglas fir, of about the same size, was planted on the state capitol grounds on 22 July. A sycamore was planted in Smokey Bear State Park on May 15, 1976. Another sycamore was planted at the International Space Hall of Fame in Alamogordo on October 5. The location of the other sycamore is in Silver City, New Mexico, planted August 15 in Gough Park. The sycamores in Alamogordo and Smokey Bear State Park are known to have died, as has the Douglas fir in Albuquerque. The status of the other two trees in not definitively known. For more information, see the individual tree pages and Moon Trees in New Mexico from the New Mexico State Records Center and Archive.

Images courtesy Carle Pieters.
Clipping at top courtesy Rio Grande Sun (12 Aug. 1976).
Clipping at middle courtesy Las Vegas Optic (29 July 1976).
All used with permission.
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