University of Florida Moon Tree

Gainesville, Florida

[University of Florida Moon Tree]

A sycamore (Platanus occidentalis), along with two loblolly pines, were given to the University of Florida School of Forestry in 1976 and planted near the forestry building circa 1977. The loblolly pines were girdled by the groundskeepers' string-trimmers and died, the sycamore survived and is now over 70 feet tall and 2 feet in diameter. Initially there were no signs put up identifying them because the superintendent of grounds was concerned the trees might be stolen or vandalized.

The tree is located at the corner of Museum Road and McCarty Drive in the Newins-Ziegler sinkhole area in the northeast campus. Although a plaque or sign marking the tree is mentioned in some reports, none was found there in 2019.

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Map of location of Moon Tree (4) and page describing the tree.
from the University of Florida Campus Plant Guide

Information and images courtesy of Chiho Sullivan.

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