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A view of Elysium Fossae within the area known as Elysium Planitia. Utopia Planitia is out of the frame to the upper left. Elysium Mons is out of the frame to the right.

The two bright features here are Elysium Mons th the lower left and Hecates Tholus to the upper right. These ancient volcanos occur on the flanks of what is known as the Elysium bulge. Similar to the Tharsis bulge, the Elysium bulge is a broad, gently sloping, uplifted region with radial fractures eminating from it. The Elysium bulge is much smaller than the Tharsis bulge, having a diameter of approximately 2000 km and a maximum elevation of 5 km above the Mars datum.

A view of Crater Mie in Utopia Planitia. The Viking 2 lander set down in Utopia Planitia on Sept.3, 1976.

A view of Utopia Planitia from the Viking 2 lander.

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