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The first four hemispheres listed here are shown from a point perspective. The hemispheres appear as they would to an observer at a Martian altitude of 2000 kilometers. This perspective results in a distortion of both size and relative orientation of features on the surface. The size of features in the central areas of the hemispheres is greatly exaggerated. Looking further towards the outer edge of the hemispheres, apparent horizontal distances are reduced due to the fact that the features are being looked at from more of an "edge on" view.

The four point-perspective hemispheres are listed here in order if the observer was to travel from west to east around Mars. That is to say that the right (east) of the Valles Marineris hemisphere "connects" to the left (west) of the Schiaparelli hemisphere, the right (east) of the Schiaparelli hemisphere "connects" to the left (west) of the Syrtis Major Hemisphere and so on...

Valles Marineris Hemisphere - Valles Marineris, Lunae Planum, Chryse Planitia, Tharsis Montes

Schiaparelli Hemisphere - Schiaparelli crater, Sinus Sabaeus, Hellespontus Montes

Syrtis Major Hemisphere - Syrtis Major Planitia, Hellas Planitia, Isidis Planitia

Cerberus Hemisphere - Cerberus, Amazonis Planitia, Utopia Planitia, Mangela Vallis

Valles Marineris Hemisphere - including northern polar region and Olympus Mons

Southern polar region - south pole residual ice cap

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