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Pioneer 10/11 Project Information

Pioneer 10 and 11 were the first in the Pioneer series of spacecraft to fly by a planet, specifically Jupiter (both) and Saturn (Pioneer 11). Like their forerunners in the Pioneer series, they were also designed to make studies of the solar wind and interplanetary medium. Further information about each individual mission is available below.

Pioneer 10
Information about Pioneer 10 experiments
Information about Pioneer 10 data sets
Pioneer 11
Information about Pioneer 11 experiments
Information about Pioneer 11 data sets

Other Pioneer 10/11 Information/Data at NSSDCA

Interplanetary magnetic field, plasma, and ephemeris data from Pioneer 10 and 11 are available as COHO data collections. COHOWeb allows the display and retrieval of COHO data. These data are also available via anonymous FTP.

OMNIWeb Plus
Pioneer data on SPDF's anonymous FTP site

Pioneer 10/11 position data (heliographic coordinates)

Pioneer 10's last signal (NASA Press Release, 2003-02-25)
Pioneer 11 ends operations (NASA Press Release, 1995-09-29)
Status of Pioneer 10 and 11 (1997-12-01)
Status of Pioneer 10 and 11 (1996-12-02)
Status of Pioneer 10 and 11 (1996-05-24)

Related Information/Data at NSSDCA

Jupiter Page
Saturn Page

Other Sources of Pioneer 10/11 Information/Data

Pioneer GTT Charged Particle page (U. of Iowa)

Online version of Pioneer Odyssey (NASA History Office)

Diagram of plaque that was mounted on Pioneer 10/11.

This image shows the plaque that was mounted on the Pioneer 10 and 11 spacecraft.

The Pioneer 10/11 mission patch.

This is an image of the Pioneer 10/11 mission patch.

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