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Twelve new moons of Jupiter have been discovered, bringing the total number of Jovian satellites to 92 and surpassing Saturn, with 83. For more, see the Carnegie Science article and the Jovian Satellite Fact Sheet.

A new asteroid has been added to the itinerary of the Lucy mission. It will fly within 450 km of asteroid 1999 V57 on 01 November 2023. For more information, see the 25 January NASA press release.

The InSight Mars Lander mission has been declared over after ground controllers failed to communicate with the lander on two separate attempts. For more, see the 21 December NASA press release.

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The remains of the Mir space station land in the Pacific at 18:58 local time (05:58 March 23 UT).
Last communication received from Mars Exploration Rover "Spirit".

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