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The CNSA (China) Chang'e 6 ascent vehicle rendezvoused with the orbiter-return vehicle at 06:48 UT on 06 June and transferred its samples to the return capsule over the next 40 minutes. The samples will be headed back to Earth soon, and should land around 25 June.

Contact has been lost with Akatsuki, the JAXA Venus orbiter. The spacecraft has been operating in orbit around Venus since 2015. Ground controllers are trying to reestablish contact.

The Voyager 1 spacecraft successfully started transmitting engineering data on 20 April for the first time since 14 November 2023. A software fix circumvented a chip failure that had prevented useful data from being sent. For more, see the JPL news release.

This Day in Planetary and Lunar Exploration History

Mars 1 becomes the first spacecraft to fly by Mars, although communications had been lost.
Viking 1 reaches Mars and goes into orbit.
Nozomi, Japanese Mars mission, flies by Earth.
BepiColombo makes its third flyby of Mercury.

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