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The ISRO (India) Chandrayaan 2 Vikram lander descended towards the lunar surface for a planned landing on 06 September, but contact was lost at an altitude of 2.1 km.

The JAXA Hayabusa2 mission made its second sampling run, touching down on asteroid Ryugu and firing a projectile into the surface on 11 July.

NASA has chosen the Dragonfly lander/drone to Saturn's moon Titan as its next New Frontiers class mission. More...

This Day in Planetary and Lunar Exploration History

Zond 5 splashes down in Indian Ocean, first spacecraft to circle Moon and return to Earth.
Galileo spacecraft plunges into Jupiter to end its 14 year mission.
The NASA MAVEN mission goes into orbit around Mars.
Two MINERVA-II rovers dropped onto the surface of asteroid Ryugu by the JAXA Hayabusa2 mission.

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