NSSDCA Planetary Images CD-ROM

CD-ROM Jupiter screen

For Macintosh and DOS/Windows

Over 200 images of the planets, moons, asteroids and comets

The NSSDCA "Planetary Images" CD-ROM is now available. The CD contains images from NASA, ESA, and Soviet planetary spacecraft. The images and associated captions can be viewed using a self-contained Macromedia Director display program, or in a web-based format. The web version is also available on-line. All images are also on the CD in higher-resolution TIFF format. The images and captions on this CD-ROM are grouped by planetary body and further subgrouped by mission. The image identification numbers are given in parentheses at the end of the captions. Hard copies of the images can be ordered from NASA's NASA Space Science Data Coordinated Archive (NSSDCA).

Requirements and Suggestions

The presentation uses Macromedia Director 5.0 for Macintosh and Windows, but may not work with the latest operating systems. The Macintosh version requires at minimum a 68020 processor, System 7.0, and 4 MB RAM. The Windows version requires 386/33, Windows 3.1, Windows NT 3.5.1, or Windows 95 and 4 MB RAM. Both require 640 x 480 pixel resolution. The multi-platform HTML version requires a WWW browser.

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The price of "Planetary Images" is $10 per CD-ROM ordered. There is an extra $5 charge for all foreign requests to cover shipping. To order these CD-ROMs contact the NSSDCA Request Office at (301) 286-6695, by E-mail: request@mail630.gsfc.nasa.gov, or order directly using the on-line NSSDCA CD-ROM Catalog. This CD-ROM is NSSDCA I.D. XD-A1A

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