Galileo Images

The complete set of Galileo images from the Galileo CD-ROM vol. 16 is now available on-line.

The images from Galileo are first returned as "jailbars", i.e. single rows of pixels from images stored onboard the spacecraft. These are used to search for the best images, which are then transmitted back to Earth in their entirety. This is necessary because of the low data return rate of the Galileo backup antenna. The first image for fragment K is shown below, along with the original jailbar image. (The fragment D and E impacts were missed due to a pointing error.)

Fragment K Jailbar Image
Fragment K initial Jailbar Image

Below is the imaging sequence for the fragment N impact. The caption gives further information on how the Jailbar image was produced.

Fragment N impact sequence (Jailbar)

The following is a sequence of images taken through the green filter of the Solid State Imager (SSI) on Galileo at intervals of 2-1/3 s on 22 July 1994.

Fragment W Impact Sequence

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