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NSSDC's General Public Page

THIS PAGE is intended to guide members of the general public to NASA/NSSDC data and services most likely to be of interest to the non-researcher/scientist segment of the internet community.

Our Role

THE National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) carries out its functions through several offices. NASA's Science Mission Directorate sponsors the National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC). NSSDC is primarily responsible for the archiving of space science data from past, present, and future NASA missions. We serve the science community and the general public in areas related to the space sciences (astrophysics and astronomy, solar physics, space plasma physics, lunar and planetary science).

NSSDC is not intended as, nor is it, an encyclopedic source of information about NASA, its space activities, or space science in general. We provide data, and such information as we happen to have. There are many alternative sources of information about NASA, its activities, and space; several of these are identified below. Access to NSSDC's online WWW files, data, and information is free; nominal charges are made for dissemination of data on media, as, for instance, NSSDC's Planetary Images CD-ROM.

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