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Below is a clickable image of flight missions with astronomy or astrophysics contributing significantly to the science objectives. Missions with a space/solar physics or planetary astronomy focus are generally not included on this page. The plot includes a couple of ground-based missions for completeness.

Alternatively, see the NSSDCA Flight Missions listing page for a more complete listing of astrophysics missions (alphabetical listing along with wavelength information).

Clicking on a mission name in the image will take you to the NSSDCA Master Catalog entry and NSSDCA data archive information. Clicking on a colored bar, to the right of the mission name, will take you to the active data archive/other mission information.

plot of missions by wavelength; links to NSSDCA catalog entries and mission archive/project pages

Please note that some of the spectral coverage is not continuous and multiple instruments may be represented above in a single line (e.g., COBE).

If you don't see a mission listed here, you may wish to query the NSSDCA Master Catalog.

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