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There were 26 experiments returned.

Experiment NameSpacecraft NamePrincipal Investigator(s)
Composition of the Jovian Atmosphere (IDS)Galileo Orbiter
Owen, Tobias
Dust Detection System (DDS)Galileo Orbiter
Energetic Particles Detector (EPD)Galileo Orbiter
Williams, Donald
Formation and Evolution of the Galilean Satellites (IDS)Galileo Orbiter
Fanale, Fraser
Ground-Truth Analysis of Radiative Transfer in the Jovian Atmosphere (IDS)Galileo Orbiter
Orton, Glenn
Heavy Ion Counter (HIC)Galileo Orbiter
Stone, Edward
Investigation of the Jovian Upper Atmosphere and Satellite Atmospheres(IDS)Galileo Orbiter
McElroy, Michael
Jovian Atmospheric Dynamics (IDS)Galileo Orbiter
Gierasch, Peter
Jovian Atmospheric Dynamics (IDS)Galileo Orbiter
Ingersoll, Andrew
Jupiter Magnetosphere and Satellite-Magnetosphere Interactions(IDS)Galileo Orbiter
Russell, Christopher
Magnetometer (MAG)Galileo Orbiter
Kivelson, Margaret
Magnetospheric Dynamics (IDS)Galileo Orbiter
Van Allen, James
Near Infrared Mapping Spectrometer (NIMS)Galileo Orbiter
Carlson, Robert
Organic Chemistry of the Jovian Atmosphere (IDS)Galileo Orbiter
Sagan, Carl
Photopolarimeter-Radiometer (PPR)Galileo Orbiter
Hansen, James
Physical Processes: Jovian Atmosphere and Galilean Satellite Surfaces (IDS)Galileo Orbiter
Schubert, Gerald
Physical Properties of the Galilean Satellites (IDS)Galileo Orbiter
Morrison, David
Plasma Detector (PLS)Galileo Orbiter
Frank, Louis
Plasma Wave Spectrometer (PWS)Galileo Orbiter
Gurnett, Donald
Radio Science: Celestial Mechanics (RS)Galileo Orbiter
Anderson, John
Radio Science: Propagation (RS)Galileo Orbiter
Howard, H.
Eshleman, Von
Solid-State Imaging (SSI)Galileo Orbiter
Belton, Michael
Star ScannerGalileo Orbiter
Structure and Aeronomy of the Atmosphere of Jupiter and Its Satellites (IDS)Galileo Orbiter
Hunten, Donald
Thermal and Dynamical Properties of the Jovian Atmosphere (IDS)Galileo Orbiter
Pollack, James
Ultraviolet Spectrometer and Extreme Ultraviolet Spectrometer (UVS/EUVS)Galileo Orbiter
Hord, Charles
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