[Clementine NIR image of Froelich crater]
Clementine CD-ROMs at NSSDCA

All 88 CD-ROM volumes of the Clementine raw image collection are available at NSSDCA. These disks are arranged by Clementine orbit number, with 3 to 5 orbits contained per CD, starting with orbit 32, the beginning of the lunar mapping phase. An index of the orbits and locations of the coverage for each CD is available. The raw images from all imaging sensors (UV/Visible, Near IR, Long-Wavelength IR, High Resolution, and Star Tracker cameras) will be included for each orbit. The image at the top of the page was taken by the Near IR camera on March 8, 1994 from an altitude of 1600 km. It shows the 55 km diameter crater Froelich, centered at approximately 80 N, 110 W, and part of the crater Lovelace.

The disks were prepared by the Clementine project and the Planetary Data System. Both browse and full resolution images are contained on the CDs, most in compressed format. Decompression, formatting and viewing software are included on all disks. The disks can be read on Macintosh, DOS, and UNIX platforms. These data are available online at:

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