Galileo CD-ROM Volume 16

Galileo sequence of Jupiter

Galileo images of Shoemaker-Levy 9 and asteroid 243 Ida on CD-ROM available at NSSDCA

Galileo slew image of Jupiter

The complete set of Galileo images of Shoemaker-Levy 9 and asteroid 243 Ida are now available from NSSDCA on the Galileo CD-ROM volume 16. There are 26 SL-9 frames: 13 raw frames and 13 enhanced versions. Each frame contains a sequence of images captured by the Galileo SSI camera. The sequences contain either 56 images of Jupiter (an example is shown above) or a group of camera slew images (at the right) taken near the time of an SL-9 fragment collision. These images are available on-line on the Galileo CD SL-9 image page.
There are also 104 images of Ida and its small satellite, Dactyl, taken during the Ida encounter. Shown below is one of the most proximal of these, image 1352R. Galileo image of Ida

Image viewing software and information on the images is available on the CD-ROM. Ordering information and more information on the Galileo CD-ROM set is available from the NSSDCA CD-ROM catalog.

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