Lowell Elementary School Moon Tree

Boise, Idaho

[Lowell Moon Tree] [Lowell Moon Tree Plaque] [Lowell Moon Tree]

This loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) was planted in 1977 at the Lowell Elementary School in Boise, Idaho. Governor John Evan's son was attending the school at that time. The picture above at left shows the tree in 2022, at right in 2014. The center picture shows a plaque in front of the tree. The Lowell Elementary School website has the following:

In 1977, a special pine tree was planted on the playground. The tree was grown from seeds that U.S. astronauts had taken to the moon and was, therefore, named the "Moon Tree." There were only three such trees planted in the entire state of Idaho. Lowell School received one of these trees because Governor John Evans had a son attending Lowell at that time.

[Lowell Moon Tree] [Lowell Moon Tree Plaque]

The tree appeared to be diseased in 2014, possibly due to an infestation of insects. The lower branches were dying and sap was oozing from the trunk. Some of the damage can be seen in the picture below left. The tree in 2018 (picture above) appeared to be healthier, and later reports indicate the tree seems to be recovering.

There was a local effort to save the tree, you can find out more about it here.

[Lowell Moon Tree damage] [Lowell Moon Tree pine cone]

Photograph at top left and center right courtesy Andy Heidelberg
Photographs at top center and middle left courtesy Beth Gordon
Photographs at top right and bottom courtesy Eric Geiger

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