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Most of the photos on this page were taken by the Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft. Exceptions are noted as appropriate.


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Saturn Family
Montage of Saturn and several of its satellites: Dione, Tethys, Mimas, Enceladus, Rhea, and Titan. (Size: 55K)

Image ID(s): P-23209, 80-HC-647

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Saturn's rings
Full-color view of Saturn and its rings. (Size: 28K)

Image ID(s): P-23883C/BW

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Storm on Saturn
Hubble Space Telescope image of a storm on Saturn. (Size: 24K)

Image ID: STScI-PRC94-53

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Saturn in False Color
False-color view of Saturn and its rings. (Size: 61K)

Image ID: P-22994C

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Saturn's Aurorae
Ultraviolet image of Saturn's aurorae taken by HST's STIS instrument. (Size: 55K)

Image ID: STScI-PRC98-05

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Saturn in Infrared
Infrared image of Saturn taken by HST's NICMOS instrument. (Size: 14K)

Image ID: STScI-PRC98-18


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Color image of Saturn's largest satellite, Titan. (Size: 23K)

Image ID: P-23929C

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Titan's Surface
Four Hubble Space Telescope images of Titan's surface. (Size: 29K)

Image ID: STScI-PRC94-55

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Color image of Saturn's satellite, Rhea. (Size: 55K)

Image ID: P-23264C

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Color image of Saturn's satellite, Dione. (Size: 62K)

Image ID: P-23269C

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Color image of Saturn's satellite, Tethys. (Size: 45K)

Image ID: P-23266C

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Color-enhanced image of Saturn's satellite, Enceladus. (Size: 42K)

Image ID: P-23268C

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Color image of Saturn's satellite, Mimas. (Size: 53K)

Image ID: P-23265C

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Smaller satellites
Black and white images of five smaller satellites of Saturn. (Size: 15K)

Image ID: P-23945


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Rings in False Color
False-color image of Saturn's rings. (Size: 127K)

Image ID: P-23953C

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Image of Saturn's F-ring. (Size: 49K)

Image ID: P-23960C

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