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About Earth Science at the NSSDCA...

Until 1994, the NASA Space Science Data Coordinated Archive (NSSDCA) had been responsible for archiving and distributing both space and Earth science data. Of its nearly 7 terabytes of archival digital data, approximately 3.4 terabytes were Earth science data. In addition, NSSDCA held an extensive Earth science film archive. A new policy from the Earth Sciences and Applications Division at NASA Headquarters placed the responsibility for data archiving and management on the science discipline divisions whose missions would support the science research community. Consequently, NSSDCA no longer archives any new Earth science data. In fact, much of the existing Earth science data holdings are to be migrated to the various designated archives. Since 1992, NSSDCA has taken a pro-active role in identifying and initiating the transfer of various Earth science data products, about half of which are restored on new magnetic media. This page describes the Earth science data transfer activities and provides selective data, information, and resources available to users. It also links to some external resources.

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