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What happened to the Multimedia Catalog?

The NSSDC no longer supports the Multimedia Catalog.

Further questions about data availability and ordering can be directed to the NSSDC Coordinated Request and User Support Office (CRUSO).

Note: Due to recent budget cuts, NSSDC is no longer able to fill some large requests. Credit cards will not be charged nor checks or money orders processed until your order has been reviewed and accepted.

Multimedia offered at the NSSDC


Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE)



  • HRI X-ray Images (Image and Binary Data)
  • IPC X-ray Sources (Image Data)
  • IPC X-ray Images in Event List Format (Binary Data)
  • IPC Slew Survey (Binary Data)
  • SSS, MPC, and FPCS Products (Binary Data)

IRAS Sky Survey Atlas

ROSAT: The Images

Selected Astronomical Catalogs, Volumes I-IV


Aureol-3 Data (ARCAD-3)

Atmospheric Explorer C, D, and E Unified Abstract Data

Coordinated Data Analysis Workshop (CDAW 9)

Dynamics Explorer-2 Electric and Magnetic Field Data

Heliospheric Field and Plasma Data

IMP 8 15-minute Rates & Fluxes from U. Chicago

MAGSAT Magnetometer Data

Pioneer Venus Orbiter

  • Electron Temperature Probe (OETP)
  • Magnetic and Electric Field Data (OMAG/OEFD)
  • Neutral Mass Spectrometer Data

POGO Magnetic Field Data Sets


  • Outer Planets Fields & Particles Data

Planetary Science


  • EDR Image Archive/li>
  • Lunar Digital Image Models (LDIMs)
  • High Resolution Strip Mosaics

Comet D/Shoemaker-Levy 9 Collision with Jupiter

Education/General Public

  • Planetary Images
  • Welcome to the Planets


  • SSI Imaging
  • NIMS Spectral Image Cubes

Giotto's Encounter with Comet Grigg-Skjellerup

HST Saturn Ring Plane Crossing Images

International Halley Watch

Lunar Prospector Level 0 Archive


  • FMAPs (left-looking radar)
  • FMAPs (right-looking radar)
  • FMAPs (stereo)
  • MIDR
  • ARCDRs
  • GxDRs
  • Pre-Magellan

Mars Digital Image Model (MDIM)

Mars Global Surveyor

  • Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) Archive
  • Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA) Archive
  • Pre-Mapping Phase Pilot DVD Archive
  • Science Sampler
  • Thermal Emission Spectrometer (TES) Archive
  • Thermal Emission Spectrometer (TES) Archive 2

Mars Pathfinder Lander Raw Images

Pioneer Venus Orbiter

  • Electron Temperature Probe (OETP)
  • Magnetic and Electric Field Data (OMAG/OEFD)
  • Neutral Mass Spectrometer Data
  • SEDR

Ulysses at Jupiter Fields and Particles Data


  • Viking Lander Images of Mars
  • Viking Orbiter Images of Mars


  • Voyagers to the Outer Planets
  • Outer Planets Fields & Particles Data


The Milky Way's Invisible Light


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