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film strip imageM16 as imaged by HSTfilm strip image

Photo Gallery

About the NSSDCA Photo Gallery

The NSSDCA Photo Gallery is intended to fulfill two different purposes. The first of these is to provide access to some of the more popular NASA images available to the public. Historically, NSSDCA filled hundreds of requests per year for thousands of photographs, but many of the same images are requested time and again. Many (if not most) of these are provided in the Photo Gallery.

The second purpose of the Photo Gallery is to provide examples of images produced from CD-ROM data. We get many questions about how to use the data on the CD-ROMs we distributed and some selected examples of the kind of manipulations which can be performed on them are available in the Photo Gallery.

The images presented in the Photo Gallery have a number of different sources, primarily NASA missions, however. They are generally organized by object and/or phenomenon on separate pages. The source of the image as well as the processing involved in producing the image have been included wherever possible. Photo captions for some images are also available.

The images are shown on the pages as reduced versions ("thumbnails") of the full images. Most of the full images are in JPEG format. Because of the large number of thumbnails on some pages, you may wish to turn off automatic loading of images if you are accessing these pages via a slower dial-up connection. To retrieve the full images (for on-line viewing and/or to save them), select the reduced version.

A limited number of the images in the Photo Gallery are also available in TIFF format in a high-resolution form. Links appear when this option is also available.

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