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Color Image of Callisto
This three-color filter image of Jupiter's satellite, Callisto was taken by Voyager 2 from a distance of 2.3 million km. (Size: 43K)

Image IDs: P-21740C, 79-HC-269

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Close-up of Callisto
This image of Callisto was taken by Voyager 1 on 06 March 1979. The image shows features about 7 km across on the surface. (Size: 134K)

Image IDs: P-21287C, 79-HC-104


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A chain of impact craters on Callisto
A portion of a chain of impact craters is seen in this image taken by the Galileo orbiter on 04 November 1996. The craters are believed to be the result of an impact of an object that had split into fragments, similar to the Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 impact on Jupiter in 1994. (Size: 40K)

Image IDs: P-48124, PIA00514

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Callisto's Valhalla impact structure
Pictured is a portion of the central zone of the large impact structure known as Valhalla. The region was imaged by the Galileo orbiter on 04 November 1996. (Size: 42K)

Image IDs: P-48125, PIA00516

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Asgard impact structure on Callisto
Shown is a four-frame mosaic of an ancient impact structure on Callisto known as Asgard. The image was taken on 04 November 1996 by the Galileo orbiter. (Size: 108K)

Image IDs: P-48126, PIA00517

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