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Three-color filter image of the smallest Galilean satellite, Europa
(Size: 28K)

Image IDs: P-21208C, 79-HC-84, PIA00016

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Close-up image of Europa
(Size: 131K)

Image IDs: P-21760C, 79-HC-282, PIA00459


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Newly-discovered impact crater on Europa
(Size: 160K)

Image IDs: P-47169, PIA00294

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Features on Europa resembling Earth ice floes
(Size: 82K)

Image IDs: P-47170, PIA00291

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Four-frame mosaic of Europa's northern hemisphere (including the north pole)
(Size: 486K)

Image IDs: P-47183, PIA00295

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False color image of the Minos Linea region on Europa
(Size: 144K)

Image IDs: P-47906, PIA00275

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Trailing hemisphere of Europa in "natural" and false color
(Size: 70K)

Image IDs: P-48040, PIA00502

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Fractures and ridges on Europa
(Size: 85K)

Image IDs: P-48127, PIA00518

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Pwyll Crater on Europa
(Size: 110K)

Image IDs: P-48506, PIA00586

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Close-up of Europa's trailing hemisphere
(Size: 106K)

Image IDs: P-48507, PIA00587

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Ridges, hills, and domes on Europa
(Size: 153K)

Image IDs: P-48524, PIA00588

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Triple band on Europa
(Size: 103K)

Image IDs: P-48525, PIA00590

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Ice rafts on Europa
(Size: 121K)

Image IDs: P-48526, PIA00591

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Close-up of Europa's surface
(Size: 69K)

Image IDs: P-48527, PIA00592

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Mosaic of ridges and craters on Europa
(Size: 59K)

Image IDs: P-48532, PIA00589

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