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Three-color filter image of Jupiter's largest satellite, Ganymede
(Size: 43K)

Image IDs: P-21207C, 79-HC-83, PIA00353


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Ridges, grooves, craters and smooth areas in the Uruk Sulcus region on Ganymede
(Size: 152K)

Image IDs: P-47057, PIA00276

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Galileo resolution of Ganymede compared to Voyager resolution of the same area
(Size: 148K)

Image IDs: P-47058, PIA00277

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Mosaic of Uruk Sulcus region on Ganymede
(Size: 400K)

Image IDs: P-47064, PIA00281

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Various terrain types seen on Ganymede
(Size: 136K)

Image IDs: P-47065, PIA00280

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Galileo Regio region on Ganymede
(Size: 63K)

Image IDs: P-47066, PIA00278

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Ancient impact craters on Ganymede
(Size: 169K)

Image IDs: P-47067, PIA00279

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Galileo image of Galileo Regio compared to Voyager image of same. (Released 07/26/96)
(Size: 153K)
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Portion of Galileo Uruk Sulcus image overlayed on a global image of Ganymede from Voyager. (Released 07/29/96)
(Size: 174K)
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Galileo Uruk Sulcus image compared to Voyager image of the same. (Released 07/30/96)
(Size: 233K)
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Segment of Galileo Regio region. (Released 08/01/96)
(Size: 41K)
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Uruk Sulcus region on Ganymede. (Released 08/12/96)
(Size: 16K)
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View of the crater Osiris on Ganymede. (Released 08/13/96)
(Size: 17K)
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Single-filter image of Ganymede. (Taken 06/26/96, released 08/16/96)
(Size: 54K)
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Single-filter image of Ganymede. (Taken 06/26/96, released 08/20/96)
(Size: 20K)
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Photopolarimeter-radiometer (PPR) thermal map of Ganymede's surface
Compare to the SSI image release on 08/16/96 (above) which shows nearly the same view. (The PPR map is rotated about 30 degrees to the west of the SSI image.) (Released 09/25/96) (Size: 28K)
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Color image of Ganymede. (Released 10/07/96)
(Size: 54K)
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Ganymede's Galileo Regio region (Galileo data overlayed on Voyager data)
(Size: 236K)

Image IDs: P-47094, PIA00492

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Ganymede's Uruk Sulcus region (Galileo data overlayed on Voyager data)
(Size: 151K)

Image IDs: P-47095, PIA00493

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Nippur Sulcus: Younger terrain overlying older terrain
(Size: 100K)

Image IDs: P-47961, PIA00497

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Water-ice frosts on Ganymede
(Size: 34K)

Image IDs: P-47962, PIA00496

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Stereoscopic view of Ganymede's Galileo Regio produced from Ganymede 1 and 2 flybys
(Size: 65K)

Image IDs: P-47967, PIA00498

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