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Small Satellites of Jupiter


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Jupiter's innermost satellite, Amalthea
This three-color image of Jupiter's innermost satellite, Amalthea, was taken on 04 March 1979 by Voyager 1. (Size: 8.2K)

Image IDs: P-21223C, 79-HC-85


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Small inner moons of Jupiter: Amalthea, Thebe, and Metis
Shown in this montage of images are three of Jupiter's small moons. The top two images are of Thebe, both taken on 07 November 1997. The next two are of Amalthea, taken on 06  and 07 November. The bottom is an image of Metis, also taken on 07 November. (Size: 21K)

Image ID: PIA02530

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Best of Small inner moons of Jupiter: Amalthea, Thebe, and Metis
This montage shows the best images yet obtained by the Galileo orbiter of Jupiter's small inntermost moons. All of the images were taken on 04 January 2000. (Size: 14K)

Image ID: PIA02531

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Stereo pair of images of Amalthea
These two images of Amalthea were obtained by the Galileo orbiter on 12 August 1999 (left) and 26 November 1999 (right). Such stereo pairs can help scientists determine more about the moon's shape and topography. (Size: 16K)

Image ID: PIA02532

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