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Mercury Mosaic #1
This mosaic of Mercury was taken by the Mariner 10 spacecraft during its approach on 29 March 1974. The mosaic consists of 18 images taken at 42 s intervals during a 13 minute period when the spacecraft was 200,000 km (about 6 hours prior to closest approach) from the planet. (Size: 55K)
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Mercury Mosaic #2
This mosaic, also by the Mariner 10 spacecraft on the 29 March 1974, was taken while it retreated from the planet. Again consisting of 18 images, these images show somewhat more of the illuminated surface. (Size: 180K)
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Caloris Basin
This mosaic shows the Caloris Basin (located half-way in shadow on the terminator). Caloris is Latin for heat and the basin is named this because it is near the subsolar point (the point closest to the sun) when Mercury is at perihelion (the closest point in its orbit to the sun). (Size: 102K)
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Discovery Quadrangle
Mosaic of the Discovery quadrangle of Mercury. (Size: 68K)

Image ID: H-11

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Shakespeare Quadrangle
Mosaic of the Shakespeare quadrangle of Mercury. (Size: 104K)

Image ID: H-3

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Bach Region
Mosaic of the Bach region of Mercury. (Size: 113K)

Image ID: H-15

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