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Mars Mileage Guide

The following table shows the distance between various locations on Mars. The lower left quadrant gives the distances in kilometers, the upper right quadrant in statute miles. The numbers have been rounded off to the closest five kilometers (or miles).

Note: In addition to adding some recent landers, some failed missions (notably Mars Polar Lander and the Deep Space 2 probes) have been removed. Also, the distances between the locations were calculated in this version from the Terrestrial Planet Mileage Calculator.

Site locations
  Viking 1:  22.54°N, 48.23°W
  Viking 2:  48°N, 226°W
  Mars Pathfinder:  19.33°N, 33.55°W
  "Face":  40.9°N, 9.45°W
  Olympus Mons:  18.4°N, 133.1°W
  "Inca City":  81.8°S, 59.1°W
  Mars 2:  45°S, 302°W
  Mars 3:  45°S, 158°W
  Mars 6:  24°S, 25°W
  Spirit:  14.572°S, 5.527°W
  Opportunity:  1.946°S, 184.522°W
  Curiosity:  4.59°S, 222.56°W
  Phoenix:  68.2°N, 125.7°W

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