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The Earth and the Moon

This page contains images taken by various missions which contain both the Earth and Moon.

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Apollo 8: Earthrise
This is one of the more famous images of the Earth from the Apollo program, taken by the Apollo 8 astronauts as they became the first humans to circumnavigate the Moon. (Size: 21K)

Image IDs: AS08-14-2383, 68-HC-870

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This image was taken by Clementine as it came over the northern lunar pole at the completion of mapping orbit 102 on 13 March 1994. The angular separation between lunar horizon and Earth has been reduced for illustration purposes. The large crater at the bottom of the image is Plaskett (180° W longitude, 82° N latitude). (A version of this image with just the Earth in the image is available on the NSSDCA Photo Gallery: Earth page.) (Size: 68K)

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Galileo: Second encounter
This image was taken by Galileo as it flew by the Earth-Moon system in 1992. (Size: 26K)

Image ID: P-41508

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This image was taken by NEAR as it flew by the Earth-Moon system in January 1998. (Size: 12K)

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Voyager: A look back home
This image was taken by Voyager as it left the Earth-Moon system and looked back. It was the first picture taken by a spacecraft which included both the Earth and Moon. (Size: 38K)

Image IDs: P-19891, 79-HC-3

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